19:19 Crystal Matrix Solar Journal


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.shadow css class The 19:19 Crystal Matrix Solar Journal is an interface to the multidimensional realms of the Higher Self. It is a magical infusion of Philosophy, Psychology and Ancient Prophecy majestically bound into a Meditation Matrix. The 19:19 Crystal Matrix unveils a telepathic toolset to help integrate your Crystal Archetype into a new, and higher order of reality. It is the promise of 2012 fulfilled with the modelling of the 5th Dimensional Planetary Kundalini Ascension through the apex of the 19:19 Pyramid Hologram. 
Built upon the Sacred Harmonics of the Quartz Crystal, the Flower of Life, and the Merkaba, the 19:19 Crystal Matrix is programmed to enchant you into the fractal frequencies of nature, guiding you into a harmonious relationship with the synchronic order. Every day offers a new 'facet' of the crystal, a new 'angle' on reality, a new way to interpret the reflective nature of your Higher Dimensional Self. Every day the journal delivers the initiate a unique meditation based upon the Crystal Codes, the keys to enter the void of Timelessness.
The 19:19 Solar Journal is a Calendar that can be used perpetually as a template that synchronises to the Solar Year. This means you do not need to acquire a new one every year, you can reuse the journal year after year. Although, if you prefer, you can also get a new one for every Solar Cycle. As you progress through time, you can keep notes of the synchronic order as it fuses with the Crystal Codes. Every Solar Year the crystal initiate makes the journey up the Holographic Pyramid, step by step, level by level, just like the Masters that came before. The goal of the meditation sequence is to activate the 6th Dimensional Merkaba, which is achieved upon reaching the apex of the Pyramid, the centre of the Matrix, day 19:19. It is from here that you enter the 9 Worlds of the Tree.
Through this tool you can map your soul development and recode your future/past through specific use of the Crystal Codes. The meditation opens up your box of philosophers stones which help you to communicate telepathically with the Ascended Masters and the Temples of the Original Earth Tribes.
The Ancient Codes are now online, and this is the instruction manual for your Ascension. 
The 19:19 Crystal Matrix is the Sacred Meditation of the Ascended Masters which integrates many Spiritual Wisdoms into a magical meditation matrix.
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  • The Flower of Life
  • The Merkaba
  • The 12 Star Crown DNA
  • The 7 Chakras
  • The 9 Worlds of the Runic Tree of Life
  • The Enneagram
  • The 33 Runes of the Anglo Saxon Futhark
  • The Original Matrix of Gar OMG33
  • The Mayan Tzolkin
  • The Dreamspell
  • The Nine Lords of the Night
Embed within the 218 pages of this Full Colour Book are the Crystal Codes of the New Creation. Codes to aid you in the Awakening of your Crystal Archetype.
Some call it the Holy Grail, some call it the Philosophers Stone. We call them the Crystal Codes of the Magus.
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