Day 241 Merkaba Activation - 19:19 Crystal Meditation

by / Monday, 16 March 2015 / Published in Events

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This is an invocation to All conscious beings, actively working for the New Earth, to join this Sacred Planetary Meditation of 19 minutes on the significant Day 241 of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix, which is Monday 23rd of March. To celebrate this most synchronous of days, we invite you to join at 2.41 PM / 14:41 GMT for 19 minutes of Divine Meditation.
The Maya were the last Ancient Civilisation reminding humanity about the sacred 19:19 Matrix wisdom.
Day 241 is the Inter-Dimensional anchor of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix and it happens every 23rd of March.
▪ 23rd March is within the time frame when the “Feathered Serpent” descends the stairways of Kukulkan’s Pyramid in Chichen Itza during the Northern Spring Equinox.
▪ 23rd March 603 AD was the birth date of King Pakal Votan (Father of the Galactic Maya)
▪ 23rd March 2011 was the Ascension date of José Arguelles, Valum Votan (Father of the Mayan Dreamspell)
▪ 23rd March 1963 was also the birth date of our beloved brother Baba D. (The Dreamspell kin for the day is Red Lunar Moon, his birth kin, so we also celebrate his Galactic Return of 52 years!)
-> Day 241 & Merkabah Activation 
▪ Day 241 inside the 19:19 Crystal Matrix is the key day when Crystal 1 and Crystal 2 meet in coordinate number 241 (2 for 1) to walk together to the apex and completion of 19:19 sequence, which if seen in 3D, is a blueprint of the 9 Levelled Mayan Pyramid. 
▪ When the Two Crystal Archetypes meet, they begin to forge the 6D Merkabah of the Higher Self. 
▪ It also represents the point where the Masculine and Feminine aspects to the self and creation Unify, dissolving duality, also being a powerful “Heaven on Earth” manifestation. 
Join us to celebrate this most sacred of days!!!
▪ Monday 23rd of March at 2:41pm / 14:41 GMT
▪ Use this tool to convert GMT time to your local time
▪ 19 minutes of Divine Meditation connected with the New Creation of Earth. 
▪ Align your Multidimensional Self with the Cosmic Tree of our New Earth. 
This Holographic Meditation will be Synchronised Live via our new website:
The 19:19 Crystal Matrix is the Womb of the New Earth.
In Lak’ech ♥ Namaste ♥ Anam Cara