2012 Phenomenon

.shadow css classApart from the fireworks, what actually happened? 

If you are reading this, like many thousands, millions or even billions of people, you waited patiently and expectantly for 2012/2013 to manifest. As the clock ticked and the days dissolved, many prophets, scholars, authors, and even movie directors each gave their creative and theosophical interpretation on what was to come. Some talked about the demise of human civilisation through cataclysmic events like tsunamis, meteorites, atomic self-destruction. Some talked about the mothership arriving to take us back to our home in the stars. Some even spoke of an unfathomable dimensional shift. 
For the followers of the Classical Maya, the Long Count completed as expected, Baktun clicked into being on December 21,2012. For the followers of the Dreamspell count, Galactic Synchronisation 2013, the Year of the Galactic Seed indeed arrived in perfect time on July 26th, 2013. For the disciples of mainstream media it was of course, just another insignificant day. With such great expectation, the predominant emotion left pending post 2012/2013 appears to be one of disillusionment. 
Firstly, you must take a deep breath and give thanks that the negative projection of a human apocalypse as predicted though many of the 2012 media channels did not fulfil. Sadly, for the positive believers of ushering in the change, the positive manifestation of a paradigm shift in human behaviour, in human potential also didn’t appear to arrive as predicted. 
To the untrained eye, the apparent result of the whole 2012/2013 phenomenon brought neither good nor bad. 
My first advise would be to erase every notion and understanding you may harbour regarding this event, because something did indeed happen. However subtle an event, or however complex a concept this may appear, the aftermath and fallout of the whole 2012/2013 phenomenon has indeed left a path to follow which was initiated in absolute perfect time. The path that you can learn within the pages of this website appears to have been precisely manifested by the ascended masters from their place beyond the veil. Remember that "Maya" literally translates to illusion.
The Wizards of the Old Earth, the Magus, were in fact one step ahead of the illusion. 
Our species has had a somewhat barbaric journey to where we are now. Much of our current spiritual and psychological understanding of life and our role here on Earth has been manipulated by the dominant religions. What if all these religions came from the same source? What if this source was in actual fact, manipulated from original Pagan Earth Wisdom. What if modern Religion is merely a tool for socio-political subordination of the species and has little to do with the original word of the prophets ? As Mark Twain said. "Its easier to fool someone, than is to convince them they’ve been fooled."
The actual product of the whole 2012 illusion was that many of us completed a crash course in ascension. Even though we didn’t actually ascend, we have learned the basics, we have learned that re-synchronising ourselves to natural time is the remedy to over power the dominating chains of mechanical time. This is what the whole countdown was intended for. We learned at the most fundamental level that Time is the 4th Dimension.
Jose Arguelles was the pioneer of this. He defined the Journey to 2013 as the process of an exponentially diminishing 4th dimensional time-space cube, which upon reaching Galactic Synchronisation 2013, would implode and usher in an unfathomable dimensional shift. This was never meant to be understood as anything apocalyptic. Quite the contrary in that it could not be fathomed until it has actually happened. It was the unpredictable, non-quantifiable event horizon. 
If the 4th Dimension of Time was to implode, and a dimensional shift was to occur, it would be 5th dimensional consciousness that would be cued up to unveil itself. The whole 2012 phenomenon was a time release hologram that would create the foundation for a renaissance of Ancient Earth Wisdom. The curtains that hide the truth would come falling down to unveil a wisdom that came long before the manipulations of the many socio-political religions. A wisdom that powered the civilisations of the Maya, the Egyptians, the Celts, the Tibetans, the ancient Zoroastrians and countless more. A wisdom that is perfectly modelled within the philosophy of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix.

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