Pyramid Hologram

.shadow css classUnderstanding the Pyramid Hologram is understanding the Holy Grail of the Classical and Galactic Maya. The Pyramid Hologram is the answer to the questions left pending post 2012-2013.  It is a living example of the mathematical and dimensional mastery of the Ancient Wizards of the Old Earth. 
Pakal Votan was one of these Wizards. It could be said he was the last. He was born March 23rd 603AD and lived an illustrious life in the mythical citadel of Palenque in modern day Mexico. In the final years before his death he initiated the construction of his own tomb. Pakal Votan prepared his ascension passage meticulously, embedding a series of riddles within the blueprints of his temple. He must have felt that a wave of darkness was to grow to the point of suffocating the Old and Magikal Pagan World, so he cast a magic spell. A spell that was handed to him from his higher self.
Pakal died August 28th 683AD. During his ascension he created a telepathic hologram as a 4D time release program. Embed within the hologram was a secret message for humanity. His Funerary temple, The Temple of Inscriptions, was build above his tomb in the years after his death.
In 1952, the tomb was discovered. Upon clearing the access Pakal was found wearing a jade mask on his face, and with a Jade cube in one hand, and Jade sphere in the other. The sarcophagus lid which covered his body, depicts Pakal in his ascension process as he hovered between the worlds..shadow css class
Whilst many have tried to discover the true reason for this, it would not be until 2012-2013 that the real meaning would see the light. This is because the riddle was embed within the telepathic hologram which was frozen within the time release program. Upon reaching the designed time (the apex of the Pyramid Hologram), the hidden message to humanity would be delivered through the decipherment of the riddle.
Pakals riddle could only be understood by decoding the hidden meaning of the Cube and the Sphere. 
As 2012-2013 unfolded, I discovered that the in order to construct Pakals Temple of Inscriptions, the archetypal 9 levelled Mayan Pyramid in cubes. You require 1330 cubes. 

.shadow css class1330 cubes represent the number of years contained between Pakals death/ascension in 683AD until Galactic Synchronisation 2013.

2013 - 683 = 1330 Years / Cubes = The Pyramid Hologram

With absolute precision, the same date that Jose Arguelles prophesied as the end of the Dreamspell, would be the completion of the holographic pyramid of 1330 cubes. Neither Pakal, nor Jose spoke about such a Pyramid Hologram, neither Pakal nor Jose spoke about the 19:19 Crystal Matrix, yet they were both indelibly synchronised within it through their Earthly birth and death and their life works. They were dimensionally bound within the Law of the Sacred Matrix.
The Pyramid Hologram unveils that the archetypal ascension of the Higher Self, which is contained within the holographic blueprints of the Temple of Inscriptions, is built upon the base frequency of a 19 x 19. This base frequency is contained within the Sacred Crystal Matrix of 19. Therefore, it is clear, that the telepathic message from Pakal is to demonstrate that the path of the ascension of the archetypal self is through the 19:19 Crystal Matrix.
The Pyramid Hologram conclusively proves the divine importance of the 19:19 Sacred Matrix, and miraculously pinpoints the initiation of the dimensional shift into 5th Dimensional consciousness. This is the highest order proof on inter dimensional prophecy fulfilled.
Upon completing the holographic construction of the Pyramid of Ascension, the 2 crystals of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix, literally began their first, public walk upon the holographic pyramid.
The Jade Cube of Pakal represents the implosion of the 4th Dimension of Time through the activation of 5th Dimensional Consciousness. The implosion was caused through the completion of the Pyramid Hologram of 1330 years/cubes.
The sphere can also be modelled as a pyramid in tetrahedral form. 1330 is a tetrahedral number, and as such if you stack 1330 spheres in the form of a tetrahedron it constructs a tetrahedron of 19 perfect levels. The tetrahedron is one half of the Merkabah. Therefore, to construct a 6th Dimensional Merkabah from Spheres, you require 2 x 19 levelled Tetrahedrons.
The predominant message from Pakals as he left his earthly body and entered into the underworld, is that 19:19 is the master frequency of the Archetypal Ascension of the Higher Self.
  • The 19:19 Crystal Matrix is the answer to the Riddle of the Cube and the Sphere.
  • The Pyramid Hologram precisely and conclusively pinpoints the initiation of the Dimensional Shift to Galactic Synchronisation 2013.
  • The Dimensional Shift to 5D/6D Awareness is perfectly modelled within the 19:19 Crystal Matrix and the Pyramid Hologram.
  • The 19:19 Crystal Matrix is the Sacred Meditation of the Ascended Masters.