The 19:19 Crystal Matrix

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The 19:19 Crystal Matrix is the base frequency of the 9 Levelled Archetypal Pyramid of Ascension. It is the blueprint of the Temple of Inscriptions, the Temple of Kukulkan and many other Mayan Pyramids.
It is the hidden message unveiled from the 1330 Cube/Year Pyramid Hologram of Pakal Votan which elegantly completed its construction by Galactic Synchronisation 2012-2013, initiating the first public sequence of the Sacred Matrix. 
The 19:19 Crystal Matrix is the result of dimensional shift of 2012-2013. It shift consciousness and models it pristinely into a 6 Dimensional Matrix. The Sacred Matrix contains and delivers time, prophecy and magic to the sub dimensional systems.  
To use the matrix you should acquire 2 double terminated quartz crystals, as perfect as can be.
These crystals represent your 5D Archetypal Self (the Prophet within) and your 6D Higher Self (God within), manifested in twin form in the 4th Dimension of Time.
By using the matrix, you begin to intricately merge with the axis of your Multidimensional Self, mapping your self to the 6th Dimension. Through the process you begin to understand your purpose within the prophecy and activate and uncover your true Archetypal Self.


There are 365.25 Days in an Earth Year


√ 365.25 = 19.11 

The square root of the Earths orbit around the Sun (365.24 days) is equal to 19.11r.  Therefore, if we would wish to contain the solar year into a square matrix, the closest approximation we could use is the matrix of 19 x 19. The remaining 4.24 days are held within the 0.11, which refers to the 11 x 11 inner matrix.


How to use the Matrix

  • The 19 Matrix Meditation synchronises with the 4th Dimension of Time by casting itself into the Earth Solar Year. 19 x 19 = 361. With there being 365.24 days in the solar year, we assign 4/5 days of void meditation in-between the end and beginning of the cycle. 
  • The meditation sequence begins on July 26th each year, aligning perfectly with the 13 Moon Dreamspell Calendar, which is the definition of the 4th Dimension.
  • Crystal 1 (5d Self) begins on Day/Cube coordinate 1 (July 26th). Each day you move Crystal 1 a step following the 19:19 rainbow spiral path to the centre of the matrix.
  • Crystal 2 (6D Self) begins on Day/Cube coordinate 241. Each day you move one step along the 11.11 spiral path. When Crystal 2 reaches the centre of the matrix, it immediately turns back on itself and returns step by step towards its base coordinate 241.
  • When Crystal 1 reaches coordinate 241 (on Day 241), it magically meets Crystal 2 ( who is returning from the Sacred Tree). Upon meeting, Crystal 1 (5D Self) enters Crystal 2 (6D Self) and they continue the walk together to the centre of the matrix, or the top of the pyramid and ascend. 
  • Its as simple as that. You have forged the integration of your 5D & 6D Self. You are aligned within your Central Axis which connects to the Cosmic Tree. You are moving towards ascension to 7D consciousness.
  • Each day as you progress through the sequence, you should meditate with the 19 angels, communicating with each angel and making a special meditation or action of the 19th Day, because it represents the 19th Angel, the central of the crystal, the hidden key to interplanetary and dimensional communication. The fractal 19:19 is the key to the meditation. You create a Flower of Life of Flower of Lives, a Crystal of Crystals.


The Twin Crystals Archetypes

The 19:19 Crystal Matrix is a meditation system that uses twin quartz crystals. As we use perfect double terminated "diamond" crystals, each crystal contains the power 19 representing the 19 facets of the crystal ( 6+6+6+centre). These crystals are a twin binary system. You may have often heard of calling upon your "Guardian Angel". The 19:19 Crystal Matrix Meditation brings this concept into a tangible coherent form. 

Crystal Archetype 1 - 5D Self

  • Crystal 1 represents your 5D Self on your sacred walk through time, space ,and prophecy.
  • Crystal 1 walks the 19:19 Spiral path to centre of the Matrix, the top of the pyramid which essentially Hunab Ku / Votan’s Stone.
  • Crystal 1 begins on Matrix Coordinate 1, and walks the full 19.19 spiral to the centre (361 Days), or top of the pyramid.


Crystal Archetype 2 - 6D Self

  • Crystal 2 represents your Higher, 6th Dimensional Self.
  • Crystal 2 walks the 11:11 Spiral path to the centre of the Matrix. 
  • Crystal 2 begins on Matrix Coordinate 241 and walks the 120 steps to the centre of the matrix, quadrant 19:19. Upon arriving to the centre, Crystal 2 turns back on its self and returns, step by step, to base coordinate 241.


Synchronise Your Crystals on the 19:19 Crystal Matrix By Clicking Here or Below