19 Day Sequence

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The 19 Matrix Meditation functions through a sequence of 19 x 19 Days

The 19 Matrix Sequence is the language of nature. Day by day the meditation constructs the realignment of your multidimensional self. By using this sacred sequence you gain access to the crystal matrix, within which you can tweet interplanetary, inter-genetic, inter-dimensional and inter-galactic communication. The 19 Matrix is the divine constant which binds these systems together. By understanding this process you submit your 3D self into harmony with your Multidimensional Self. You invoke the golden threads of your Archetypal Matrix. The sacred sequence forges the divine integration of masculine and feminine energies of the Self.
  • The Sacred Sequence of 19 is embed within the double terminated quartz crystal. The crystal houses a perfect 6 + 6 + 6 facets + the Mystical 19th Centre.
  • Each crystal facet, or "angel", represent a unique (1-19) angelic structure. Each day in the sequence you activate the corresponding Facet/Angel of the Crystal, pulling upon the golden thread of the angelic struct.
  • The 19 Angelic Structs awaken the Multidimensional Threads of Self. As you activate these threads you enter communion with your Higher Self, the 19th Angel.
  • There are 19 Circles in the Flower of Life. Each day in the sequence, you create and activate a Circle of Life within the Greater Flower of Life.
  • The first 12 days of the Sequence activate your 12 strands of DNA.
  • The final 7 days of the Sequence activate your 7 Chakras.
  • On the 19th day, you channel the multidimensional rainbow of the 7th Dimensional through your crown chakra and transmit it to the core of the New Earth.
As we have two crystal archetypes, the daily sequence opens the portal to the fractal centre that exists at the nucleus of the crystal.

  • In the 3rd dimension, Light enters the crystal,refracts between the angels and exits as a Rainbow of Light.
  • In the 4th dimension, Time enters the crystal, refracts between the angels, and exits as a Rainbow of Timelessness.
  • In the 5th Dimension, Prophecy enters the crystal, is refracted between the angels and exits as a Rainbow of Myth.
  • In the 6th Dimension, the rainbow bridge aligns with the Central Axis to illuminate the 6D Merkabah of the Higher Self.

I Cast my Self into the Sacred Crystal

For the Matrix and I are One

I Invoke the 19 Angels of the Stone

To Awaken the Golden Threads of my Archetypal Self