6D Merkaba Activation

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Hidden within the sacred inner matrix of 11:11 is a 6th Dimensional portal, a portal which unveils the mythic Merkabah of the Higher Self. 

There are two archetypal crystals in the 19:19 Crystal Matrix Meditation Tool.
  • Crystal 1 walks the Outer 19:19 Matrix represents the 5D Self.
  • Crystal 2 walks the Inner 11:11 Matrix and represents your 6D Self.
  • You can understand it as a dance between the dimensional aspects of the Self on a higher dimensional plane.
Crystal 2 (6D Higher Self) is bound within the 11:11 Inner Matrix. The 11 x 11 Matrix has 121 steps in total.
As we demonstrated earlier on, Crystal 2 (6D Higher Self) walks to the centre of the Matrix, and upon arriving, immediately turns back on itself to return back to base coordinate 241. To arrive to the centre it takes 120 steps. 
120 is a tetrahedral number, and can be found within a base 8 tetrahedron. Each walk of 120 steps constructs an 8 levelled tetrahedral pyramid built up from 120 individual tetrahedrons. It represents infinity, the alpha omega. The process exemplifies the inter-dimensional communication between the two crystal archetypes. As they synchronise and communicate, the process constructs the individual tetrahedral structures.


  • In the first walk in (Days 1-120) the masculine tetrahedron is constructed, its phallic in nature and points up.

On the returning walk back to base. (Days 121-240), the female tetrahedron is constructed, its feminine in nature and points down.


Arriving to Day 240, both tetrahedral structures are poised to begin the process of unification. 

When the crystals meet on Day 241, the masculine and feminine tetrahedrons and aspects to your Multidimensional Self, begin to bond and inter-connect.

Each step (Days 241-360) unifies each element of the tetrahedron and leads to an divine activation of the 6th Dimensional Merkaba.

On Day 361 (19:19) all tetrahedrons inside the Merkaba are unified and aligned in perfect 6th Dimensional unison.